Who we Are

We are a team of passionate individuals who specialise in the area of child safety. We, at Safety Troop, believe that knowledge is empowering and hence we create age-appropriate modules on child safety. All stakeholders responsible for a child i.e.; the teachers, parents, schools, and organizations, will benefit from these engaging and relevant learning materials, with regard to children’s mental, physical and emotional health. The right to feel safe is the basis for a healthy childhood!


Education for children’s right to be safe and happy!

Children deserve a fearless childhood with opportunities to grow and blossom. With the right blend of education and technology, we are set to ensure this.


Our mission is to:

1. Create safe and happy environments for children by spreading awareness through our interactive safety education programmes for children, parents, and educators.

2. Provide resources and support for facilitators and caregivers to handle and facilitate unsafe scenarios.

3. Support children and families through their healing journey.

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