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  • Age Group 10 to 14 Years
  • Duration 60 Minutes
  • Mode Online
  • Certificate On successful completion


Course Purpose

A very significant influence in our life comes from our peers. Peer pressure is extremely common. It can be felt with our classmates, teammates, in our friend groups and even with our older siblings. The way in which we deal with it is of importance. We all feel the need to fit in and belong. This is especially true during our early teens and preadolescent years. As we group up, and become more independent, we are exposed to numerous influences. Given the reality of the situation, it is necessary to understand the difference between positive and negative peer pressure, and how to deal with it. This course has been created to help you with this exact dilemma!

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the concept of negative peer pressure and the way in which it operates.
  • Differentiate between negative and positive peer pressure.
  • Learn techniques to deal with peer pressure.
  • Learn how to ‘fit in’ with your peers, while not giving in to excessive peer influence.
  • Instructor Sankhya
  • Duration 60 Minutes
  • Language English
  • Video Subtitle English
  • Access 3 Months
  • Quizzes Yes
  • Certificate Yes