Orno is a cricket player. He plays for his school team and his father is very proud of him. Orno worships his brother who is really cool and a member of an upcoming band.

Orno is a boy of very few words and he reserves them for the favorite people in his life.

He is still figuring out who he wants to be. But he is sure of one thing, he wants to be different, he wants to be unique and cool, like his brother.He is not very academic but he always scores well, both on and off the field.

When Orno is not playing cricket, he hangs out with the gang.



Jeet is the whizz-kid and the mover 'n' shaker of this gang.He is an outdoor person who loves sports and adventure. Born with a missing limb, Jeet did not allow himself to be limited from any activity one could achieve with both hands.

He is a computer programmer, mountaineer, footballer and rapid fire pistol shooter. Someday, he wants to work for an intelligence agency. Jeet spends a lot of his time hanging out with the gang, trying to find simple solutions to their complex problems by cracking a few jokes.



Sasha is our Alice in the wonderland and every gathering with her is nothing less than the Madhatter's tea party.

For a six year old, Sasha is quite philosophical and often slapstick. She is obsessed with building great towers and bridges. If something captivates her attention she draws it out irrespective of what the surface is.

Sasha enjoys playing the piano and when bored, she has secret parties in her castle.

Though the youngest in the gang, Sasha gets along with others who don't judge her for her age but value her unique outlook on life.



Sammi is normally what people would call a geek. She loves reading books and watching movies and TV shows.

Sammi doesn't like sports very much. The only way you can make Sammi workout is by making her walk to her library and the only weightlifting she does is picking up books and flipping pages. (Let's not forget she's working out her brain all the time!) She tap dances when she feels extremely happy or stressed.

When she isn't doing any of the above, you'll find her hanging out with the gang at their favorite spot.

Sammi dreams to travel and record the voices of children all around the world, and then write a book on "when the children speak."