ABC of Safety




Age: 9 years to 14 years

Mode: Online

Date: 7th to 11th June’21

Time: 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. *

*Certificate of Participation
Facilitated by experts in child psychology.


Your child’s safety will always be your biggest concern and in the 21st century, it might be your greatest challenge. Safety Troop aims to dissolve the challenges through our webinar “ABC of Safety”. It is a 5-day session that covers everything from the need for safety, the different areas of safety, to extensive tips on how to avoid risks and to be safe!

Session 1: Understanding the Basics of Safety

Focusing on creating awareness, striking a balance and having the courage to defend the dangers, the session is designed to help students be alert and not frightened.

Session 2: Tips for Physical Safety

The session brings to the table the vast variety of physical dangers surrounding children, especially the ones that aren’t obvious and hence overlooked as real threats to a child’s safety.

Session 3: Online Safety in the Digital World

Children have a digital life and footprint as much as their physical life, hence dangers follow them even in digital media and online forums. The session empowers children with the knowledge of the dangers in the invisible world of the internet.

Session 4: Emotional Safety a Key to Mental Wellness

Managing emotions can be painstaking for any of us and learning simple tips to manage them can make the journey easier. This session will enlighten children on the need to keep themselves emotionally safe and offer some practical keys to emotional safety.

Session 5: Creating One’s Own Safety Circle

Having a circle of supporting individuals, whom a child can trust and share their developmental issues with, can help them become emotionally strong and make wise decisions for their life. This final session will make children overall aware of the importance of personal safety and measures to take when they find themselves amidst stressful and unsafe situations.