Cybersafety: Protecting your children from dangers of Digital Kidnapping



Course Objectives:

  • 1. To raise awareness about the dangers of Digital Kidnapping.
  • 2. Learn the meaning of Digital Kidnapping and how it takes place.
  • 3. To learn about the consequences of Digital Kidnapping on your child.
  • 4. To learn to methodically protect your children from Digital Kidnapping.


Digital Kidnapping is a form of identity theft that targets young children, but it happens on the internet! When an unsuspecting parent shares private information and photos of their children, the photos and information get picked up by malicious
people and used under assumed identities for their personal benefits! The biggest problem with Digital Kidnapping is that hardly a few actually know about the issue and only much few are aware of how to prevent Digital Kidnapping!



  • Instructor Patricia
  • Duration 45 minutes
  • Language English
  • Video Subtitle English
  • Access 3 Month
  • Quizzes Yes
  • Certificate Yes